Hailing from the mountains of western Pennsylvania, Charlie McClanahan is a singer/songwriter that uses his percussion background and freeform style to produce songs that creative a soulful and immersive experience for listeners. “I sometimes refer to my acoustic sets as ‘craft acoustic’ because I enjoy crafting songs differently depending on the set. I really try to play to the crowd.” His style can be described as indie/folk with a percussive and soulful groove. Charlie is know for his crystal-clear vocals and ability to adapt many different songs to his own. “I really enjoy singing and using my voice as an instrument. I try to find creative ways in which I can use my vocals and guitar to create layers within a specific song. I try and look for movement in the crowd. If I get your foot tapping, I’ve succeeded.” Raised on church music, Motown and Elvis Presley, Charlie’s upbringing has played a large role in his musical influences.